At PharmBlue, we understand that medications used for treatment of Hepatitis can be complex.

Our Pharmacy Care Team is devoted to providing guidance, support, and education. We offer auto-refills, specialized packaging for medication adherence, and innovative therapies.

Medication Management

Medication Management

Taking medications as they are prescribed is essential to maximize the effectiveness of your medications. We simplify the process and communicate with you every step of the way. We offer prior authorization assistance, medication management, specialized packaging, refill management, and home delivery services.

Specialized Packaging—Right-On-Time<sup>™</sup> Packs

Right-On-Time™ Specialized Packaging

PharmBlue has developed unique packaging specifically to help with adherence.

Our Right-On-Time Packs include:

  • Comprehensive pharmacy labeling.
  • Detailed description of pill appearance and numeric identifier.
  • Color coded icons specific to time of day.
  • On-the-go portable packaging.
  • Multi-lingual printing available.
  • Optional perforation for enhanced portability.
  • Easy to open.

Refill Management



Taking your medication as prescribed is critical to your health. Our Pharmacy Care Team monitors upcoming refill needs and contacts you to remind you of upcoming refills and discuss issues or concerns you may have.



If you take multiple medications, PharmBlue will work with you, your providers, and your insurance company to synchronize refills so you can refill all your medications at the same time. On average, our patients take more than five medications, often prescribed by multiple providers. Our Pharmacy Care Team minimizes confusion and reduces the stress of adherence by filling all your medications at the same time.

Prior Authorizations

The Pharmacy Care Team uses a proprietary, web-based tool to submit prior authorization paperwork. We work with your providers to obtain and submit all necessary information, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Home Delivery Service

Because we understand that convenience and privacy matter, PharmBlue offers free confidential home delivery service to a location of your choice.