PharmBlue offers a unique, progressive approach to integrated pharmacy services in order to best accommodate your organization’s needs.

PharmBlue increases the availability and convenience of personalized pharmacy care for patients. We provide patient enrollment assistance, on-site training and support, detailed reporting on adherence and utilization, and prior authorization assistance for patients and staff. We offer a range of solutions to providers, both on and off-site, to tailor a solution to best fit your needs, because that one size does not fit all.

Full-Service, On-Site Pharmacy

Full-Service, On-Site Pharmacy

Fully provisioned and staffed on-site pharmacy. Our professional staff coordinates our pharmacy processes into your existing workflow to improve efficiencies for medication-related services. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, quality services in a setting where patients feel comfortable. An on-site pharmacy affords your patients the option to fill their prescriptions, regardless of prescriber affiliation, on-site in addition to the option to receive them via home delivery.

Medication Management

Medication Concierge

When space is at a premium or where patient volume is insufficient to support an on-site pharmacy, PharmBlue may provide an on-site Medication Concierge. The Medication Concierge will coordinate and personalize your patients’ comprehensive pharmacy care. Medications can be delivered to your site for pick-up or delivered to the patient’s home.

Home Delivery Services

Home Delivery Services

Our Home Delivery Service allows patients to access all the pharmacy services offered by PharmBlue and provides your organization assistance with medication-related services.

Specialized Packaging—Right-On-Time<sup>™</sup> Packs

Right-On-Time™ Specialized Packaging

PharmBlue has developed unique packaging specifically to help with adherence.

Our Right-On-Time Packs include:

  • Comprehensive pharmacy labeling.
  • Detailed description of pill appearance and numeric identifier.
  • Color coded icons specific to time of day.
  • On-the-go portable packaging.
  • Multi-lingual printing available.
  • Optional perforation for enhanced portability.
  • Easy to open.
Prior Authorizations

Prior Authorizations

PharmBlue will initiate Prior Authorizations and train your staff to complete them.

HIV Case Study

HIV Case Study

One of our longstanding 340B clients in urban Philadelphia recently conducted a review of their HIV positive patients who have enrolled in PharmBlue’s pharmacy program. It shows definitively that our adherence protocols, along with medical case management provided by our client, has a measurable, positive effect on patient outcomes. 5,633 viral load screenings and 1,931 unique patients were studied.

We compared viral load screening results to other patients who were treated by local community pharmacies between 1/1/2010 and 7/28/2014. The average viral load for patients enrolled at PharmBlue for three or more months was 2,772. For those served by other pharmacies for three or more months the average viral load was 16,014.

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