PharmBlue is your leading 340B Contract Pharmacy

We are dedicated to the success of your 340B program and will tailor solutions to support the services you provide and allow you to maximize savings without incurring start-up costs. We provide training and support, compliance resources, and pharmacy professionals which help your organization so that you have a successful 340B program.

Medication Management


  • Assistance with HRSA enrollment, and ongoing compliance.
  • Access to our exclusive “Buyer’s Club” for purchasing 340B inventory.
  • Prior Authorization submission assistance.
  • Extended purchasing terms available.
  • Most comprehensive and transparent reporting in the industry.
Specialized Packaging—Right-On-Time<sup>™</sup> Packs

Benefits to Clinics & AIDS Service Organizations

  • Maximize savings and improve operations or expand care.
  • Available extended drug purchase terms, resulting in no out of pocket expense for the complete collection cycle for dispensed drugs.
  • Assistance with HRSA enrollment and ongoing compliance, including avoiding diversion and duplicate discounts.
  • Initial and ongoing training and support.
  • 24/7 access for clinicians and patients.
  • Expert inventory, billing, collection and payment management.
  • Adherence reporting, resulting in earlier intervention and improved outcomes.
  • Consistent, periodic coordination with clinicians, patients and case managers.
  • Access to additional drug inventory discounts.
  • Compliance packaging.
  • Compounding for personalized medication needs.
Specialized Packaging—Right-On-Time<sup>™</sup> Packs

Benefits to Patients

  • Specialized clinical expertise.
  • Patient-focused affinity program for over-the-counter items to increase program participation.
  • Comprehensive Drug Utilization Review.
  • 24/7 access to pharmacy personnel.
  • Convenient and confidential prescription delivery.
  • Improved adherence and better outcomes.
  • Compliance packaging and compounding to accommodate individualized needs.
  • Compounding for personalized medication needs.

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