Our Pharmacy Care Team’s administrative expertise enhances the specialty pharmacy care we provide and simplifies the clinical process for you and your patients.

We pride ourselves on consistent communication with patients and providers, and our commitment to adherence management.

Medication Management

Adherence Management

When patients take multiple medications, they often struggle to take them all on time. We value and prioritize consistent interaction with patients to determine their adherence status and intervene early and often to assist with adherence.

Specialized Packaging—Right-On-Time<sup>™</sup> Packs

Right-On-Time™ Specialized Packaging

PharmBlue has developed unique packaging specifically to help with adherence.

Our Right-On-Time Packs include:

  • Comprehensive pharmacy labeling.
  • Detailed description of pill appearance and numeric identifier.
  • Color coded icons specific to time of day.
  • On-the-go portable packaging.
  • Multi-lingual printing available.
  • Optional perforation for enhanced portability.
  • Easy to open.

Refill Management



Our Pharmacy Care Team monitors upcoming refill needs and reaches out to patients to remind them of upcoming refills and to discuss issues or concerns they may have. This process ensures high levels of adherence.



PharmBlue works with patients, providers, and insurers to synchronize refills, so patients can refill all their medications at the same time. On average, our patients take more than five medications, often prescribed by multiple providers.

HIV Case Study

HIV Case Study

One of our longstanding 340B clients in urban Philadelphia recently conducted a review of their HIV positive patients who have enrolled in PharmBlue’s pharmacy program. It shows definitively that our adherence protocols, along with medical case management provided by our client, has a measurable, positive effect on patient outcomes. 5,633 viral load screenings and 1,931 unique patients were studied.

We compared viral load screening results to other patients who were treated by local community pharmacies between 1/1/2010 and 7/28/2014. The average viral load for patients enrolled at PharmBlue for three or more months was 2,772. For those served by other pharmacies for three or more months the average viral load was 16,014.

Refill Management

Controlled Rx Management

We focus on the triangle of care: Patient, Provider, Pharmacist. Structured continuous communication driven by our Pharmacy Care Team enhances early detection and correction of non-adherence. We dispense medications safely and securely in every instance.

  • Controlled Supply - Emphasis on 30-day supply of drugs. Early refills are dispensed only with prescriber approval.
  • Reinforced Treatment Protocols - Frequent phone-based interaction with patient and, if needed, with physician.
  • Approved Physicians - Background checks of all clinicians to ensure compliance. Closed system only accepts patients enrolled by approved physicians.
  • Secured Pharmacy - Mandatory drug testing of pharmacy personnel, state-of-the-art pharmacy surveillance, and secure inventory management techniques.
  • Tamper-Evident Packaging - Compliance packaging ensures accurate pill counts and visual reinforcement of intended dosage. Prescriptions are delivered with discreet, tamper-evident external labeling.
  • Authorization and Receipt of Scripts - Medications are delivered with package tracking systems enabled and with patient signature required, providing an auditable chain of custody. We only accept secure e-prescriptions, where permitted, for controlled substances. Prescriptions are never handled by patients or third parties.
Prior Authorizations

Prior Authorizations

The Pharmacy Care Team uses a proprietary web-based tool to submit prior authorization paperwork. We work with you to obtain and submit all necessary information.

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